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The rise of private enterprises die mold industry structure is perfect with each passing day
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In recent years, China's mold industry to accelerate the system reform and mechanism changeover pace, industrial structure is becoming more rational, more and more foreign enterprises to see the growing Chinese market mold, have entered the Chinese market to die, many international well-known automotive die enterprise, injection mold enterprises have entered China, and entered the Chinese market very fast, very fast, international and metal mold plastic industry suppliers association executive secretary Luo Baihui said, foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market, not only will the funds into the Chinese market, but also brought advanced technology, equipment and factory management. For example, Toyota set up a factory in Tianjin, from the planning, construction and production cost in total less than a year's time, the United States of America SEKELY company in North America is a large stamping die factory, in 06 years and set up factories in Shanghai, the second phase of the project is mainly stamping mold, North American Magna06 years in Tianjin airport has been completed a certain amount of stamping factory, and in the Southern China region of Guangdong, Shenzhen area, Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign enterprises meet the eye everywhere, mold sales volume to become China's most populous region.
Private enterprises mold 's rise is also the entire Chinese Die & mould industry structure in a major restructuring, private enterprises mold in the mold market already occupied dominant position. According to Luo Baihui said, in a few years ago, people referred to automotive die enterprise, they probably think of FAW, Dongfeng, weather and other enterprises, but now this pattern has been broken, more and more private automotive die enterprise began to enter the front of the industry, they are stepping on the pace of the times, follow the international advanced level of mold development footprints, in China's mold market set off a wave of another upsurge. Many of the emerging private enterprises mold good at summing up the whole of China mold industry development course, learn from the valuable experience lesson, and its digestion and absorption in the corporate planning and development strategy. Private enterprises mold in the use of funds more freedom, promote its market go is state-operated enterprise quickly. Many private enterprises mold also paid great attention to brand construction, pay attention to the information construction of enterprises, enterprises pay attention to the international market development, and implementation of professional mold production.

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