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Delta to build cross area group die machinery or breach
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In April 12th," the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city group industry integration strategy cooperation and Development Forum" held in Wuhan, Hubei Jiangxi provinces by the (labour) letter appoint signed" Hubei Jiangxi provinces to strengthen the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city group industry integration strategic cooperation agreement"," delta" will restructure through mergers create a trans-regional large enterprise groups.
International Mould Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui accepted the British Financial Times Chinese investment reference column is stationed in New York reporter in an interview that the current domestic and international industry division of labor, the profound adjustment, China's eastern coastal areas of the industry is transferred to center-west region to accelerate the pace of. The Midwest play to rich resources, low cost, factor market potential advantages, and actively undertake domestic and international industrial transfer, is not only conducive to accelerating center-west region industrialization and urbanization, promoting coordinated regional development, but also conducive to promoting economy of foreland of the eastpart part transformation and upgrading, nationwide optimizing pattern of industrial division of labor. For further guidance from the Midwest and ordered to undertake the transfer of industries, improve cooperation mechanism, optimize development environment, development order, recently, the State Council issued the" on Midwest undertaking industrial transfer instruction opinion", for our country industry transfer points to clear direction.
The Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the Bohai sea in eastern coastal area of the capital is relatively saturated, together with the land, labor, energy and other factor supply hasten, quicken economic transition and structure upgrade brook no delay. And the vast center-west region infrastructure gradually improved, the elements of the cost advantage, industry development space is larger.
With the unified national market is formed stage by stage and cost factors of comprehensive promotion, foreland of the eastpart part of original system mechanism advantage disappears basically, extensive economy grows way difficult to continue weakening, competitive advantage. At the same time, the impact of international financial crisis, the international market demand drops quickly, highly dependent on exports of manufactured goods in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta areas substantially reduced orders, export growth down quickly, the economic growth rate decreased significantly. In the domestic and international economic environment changes brought about by the pressure, the eastern coastal area of China Die & mould industry is transferred to center-west region to speed up the pace, this is the law of the market economy under the action of the industrial gradient shift inevitable result, is also the integration of the global economy driven by the irreversible trend of economic.
The eastern coastal region of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region is regarded as a world manufacturing base, but at present the industry are mainly labor-intensive products, at the low end of the value chain link, R & D, design and marketing, brand and other link is weak, lack of independent innovation capacity, mainly rely on low cost, low price to obtain the competitive advantage, industry, regional homogenization of serious phenomenon. Only the part of the labor-intensive, resource consumption and environmental requirements of the higher industrial transfer out, can cause the high technology, high level of enterprises in the local has more space and more elements of the supply security, accelerate industrial structure to optimize upgrade pace.
The eastern coastal areas and some good operating condition, the rapid development of private enterprises mold, in capital, technology and management level have a considerable accumulation, in succession to a regional and industrial transfer, nationwide greater access to markets and economic benefits. In the process of the industry transfer is the most active private small and medium-sized mold enterprises, the pursuit of business growth, promote foreign expansion, often is these enterprises industrial transfer targets. Especially since 2008, as the change of macroscopical economic situation, make the market pressure increased significantly, forcing the eastern coastal areas of the enterprise through the transfer of industry to open up the market. Luo Baihui discovers in investigation, at present, our domestic die industry transfer is at its peak.
The Midwest communications, communications and energy infrastructure is progressively and perfect, system environment, investment environment, market environment change greatly, coupled with low land, labor cost and rich resources, become the mold industry to undertake the transfer of ideal. The Yangtze River Delta 's industry in the past mainly to North Jiangsu and Anhui transfer, now expanded to Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi province. In recent years, many of the Zhejiang labor and resource intensive enterprises to speed up the Jiangxi and other central and Western regions. The Pearl River Delta region of the mold enterprises also begin to transfer to the Midwest, Foshan ceramic mold company relocated to Jiangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Shandong etc.. Jiangsu, Zhejiang province to accelerate industry of the developed regions in the province to province in the less-developed areas. Such as Jiangsu through financial support, electricity subsidies, land use plan tilts wait for measure, carry out the hook support, build the Development Zone, South of Jiangsu to promote industry to sue, transfer of North jiangsu. According to statistics,2001 ~2007, South of Jiangsu area to the north of Jiangsu transfer5000000yuan project 10919, a total investment of 382600000000yuan, the actual investment amount of 170360000000 yuan. Shanghai as China's industrial transfer is an important source, the local government has said industry transfer does not mean that all links in the production chain and enterprises are transferred out of. Pearl River Delta enterprises have to focus on the transfer of thing both wings and the mountains of northern guangdong. According to the International Mould Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui to provide the latest information, Dongguan mold industry is going through from the traditional Hong Kong, Taiwan-funded, Japanese, German, American background to the private enterprises as the main body of the transition, private enterprises to undertake the market order and orientation by the Japanese orders to domestic household appliance market and Europe and the United States auto market" two legs" walk.
Hubei province by the letter appoint director Ouyang Wankun, Hubei Jiangxi provinces has good industrial foundation and strong competitive pillar industry, automobile, petrochemical, engineering machinery, optoelectronics, mold and other industry in the country has a strong influence and competitiveness, Hubei will support the provinces enterprises open up the industry chain, guide resource is centered to advantage company, focusing on cultivating a group with strong financing capability and industrial conformity ability of big company big group of big company big group, these would in the river industrial integration to support and drive action.
" Triangle should be ligament with capital, with property right as the main transaction means, through mergers and reorganization, to create an internationally competitive industrial clusters. Promote the development of electronic communication, modern medicine, fine chemicals and other high technology industry enterprises merger activities, through the transformation and reorganization, make iron and steel, petrochemical, automobile and other industries, form dimensions benefit." Hunan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Dean Zhu Youzhi said.
" Hunan and Hubei Jiangxi financial market integration is opposite lag,3 provinces should build the property rights trading market relentless efforts." Huazhong University of Science and Technology economy to Dean Xu Changsheng thinks, the financial market is the enterprise crosses the basis of regional cooperation, if China can have several similar to the Optics Valley property rights exchange mechanism, will greatly facilitate the enterprise reorganization of provinces.
At the same time, Xu Changsheng suggested, should be actively encouraged other provinces Sany listed cross-holding among enterprises, strengthening the fundamental link of 3 provinces. " Provincial corporate bonds and commercial paper market construction is imminent, they affect the long-term capital and liquidity requirements."
" I suggest that the Bank of Hankou, Wuhan agricultural firm, Bank of Hubei, Hubei enterprises to actively to Hunan, set up branches in Jiangxi, with local enterprises to establish phylogenetic relationships; similarly, Jiangxi, Hunan banking institutions should also to set up branches in Hubei, to build the middle reaches of the Yangtze River City cluster dynamic financial market." Xu Changsheng said.
Xu Changsheng also suggested that,3 provinces should be open enterprise credit system. This is the bank loans to enterprises to decide whether an important proof.
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